Urban Design and Sustainability Manager

About The Land Development Agency

The Land Development Agency (LDA) is a key Government land management initiative to develop public land for housing delivery. The LDA is overseen by an independent board of directors and the Government has committed to providing the LDA with an initial portfolio of seven sites and initial equity of up to €1.25 billion when our primary legislation is passed in the next few months.

The Role

The Land Development Agency strives to be at the forefront of changing Irelad’s housing options for the better. The Agency will do this by providing sustainable and innovative infill developments, as well as working with local authorities and other partners to design and plan for large-scale strategic areas. It will do so in a manner that fully supports Ireland’s compact growth and climate change agenda.

The Urban Design and Sustainability Manager will support the LDA’s design, planning and development activities in line with its remit to coordinate land within State control for more optimal uses, with a focus on the provision of housing.

The successful candidate will:

  • provide professional advice to LDA development managers and to support the achievement of high standards of design and development for key sites, projects, and programme in line with LDA remit.
  • support the LDA’s policy and delivery approach for the achievement of high quality, cost-effective, sustainable and innovative design and with new and better ways to deliver homes.
  • Develop and refine the LDA’s design principles.
  • Ensure consistency of the application of LDA design principles across projects and initiatives that the LDA is involved in.
  • Drive an ethos at the LDA of innovation in design, environmentally sustainable design and development practices.
  • Ensure that the above can be achieved in a manner that is cost-effective and will represent good value for public money.

This Role will include support and input to master planning, planning submissions, public realm and urban design work, housing projects and community/ amenities as well as adaptive reuse, and particularly in relation to promoting sustainable and responsive design that supports place making and quality of life.

The LDA is committed to minimising adverse environmental impacts  of the built environment by providing enduring quality and affordable homes that support environmental sustainability, minimise carbon emissions, optimise resources and promote adaptability and responsiveness to changing environmental, economic, and social conditions. The Urban Design and Sustainability Manager will ensure that design activities of the LDA are consistent with this objective.


  • Developing, co-ordinating and supporting implementation of the LDA design principles and approach to achieve sustainable, innovative high quality and cost-effective new build and adaptive reuse/refurbishment projects
  • Support development and provision of design guidance and other relevant advice, incl preparation of project briefs
  • Providing architectural support and advice regarding issues, options, and approach to ensure effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient design solutions in line with the LDA’s aims and remit.
  • Making a significant contribution though advice / review / input to master planning, urban design and public realm work in relation to design thinking and standards, and in particular to support with achieving LDA aims regarding design principles, innovation, cost efficiencies and effectiveness and achieving high-quality sustainable design
  • Preparation of project appraisals, design briefs, design review and assessment and providing professional advice and support as relevant
  • Supporting, procuring and managing design teams and external consultants as relevant.
  • Ensuring that such design teams are appropriately briefed consistent with LDA objectives.
  • Representing the LDA effectively at a variety of meetings including delivery of presentations to the public and other relevant audiences.
  • Working effectively with a variety of stakeholders, statutory and non-statutory.
  • Preparing reports for LDA management and other stakeholders as relevant
  • Providing advice and direction as relevant on architectural conservation, planning, health and safety, public procurement, building regulations, low energy design, urban design, modern methods of construction.

Candidates shall also:

  • Demonstrate the necessary vision, judgement and technical expertise and experience to provide effective analysis and design input at key stages to support with achieving LDA key aims
  • Excellent architectural and urban design skills to promote quality projects, quality in the built environment and to contribute to environmental and social sustainability
  • Have an ethos and enthusiasm that supports compact growth and sustainable design principles.
  • Have experience of successful exemplar projects outside Ireland, or have demonstrable knowledge of such projects and understand why they were successful, and have an openness to doing things differently.
  • have an accreditation in or demonstrate a good working knowledge of adaptive reuse, energy efficiency, sustainability, low energy design;
  • have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Have a good knowledge of Public Procurement, Capital Contracts and procedures
  • Have a strong knowledge of relevant planning / building control and technical building regulations,
  • Have a good knowledge of building energy performance /sustainability standards, nationally as well as European and best practice Proficient in the use of ArchiCA
  • Experience working on largescale high-density residential projects.


Education and Experience

Each candidate must:

  • hold a professional qualification in Architecture that is prescribed under the Building Control Act 2007, or a qualification in Architecture that is equivalent to a qualification so prescribed;
  • be eligible for registration as an Architect under the Building Control Act 2007 without requiring further assessment. Any appointment will be subject to registration under the Act;
  • have at least six years’ satisfactory experience of architectural work.


To apply

Please email your CV to

The closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 10th July 2020.

The Land Development Agency is an equal opportunities employer.