The Housing Agency Conference 2023

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The Housing Agency Conference 2023

On 1st December, The Housing Agency, working in association with the Land Development Agency (LDA) and the Geary Institute, will deliver a conference entitled “Land for Affordable Housing”.
The management of land to produce affordable housing options is a central issue facing the housing sector in Ireland. The Housing Agency, the LDA and the Geary Institute have previously collaborated on this topic at the ISHF in Barcelona and the "Talking About Land" series. This half-day event will continue these conversations and feature experts from organisations in Ireland dealing with these issues such as the LDA, OPR, and NESC, with a format based on questions and discussion.
Expert panellists from across the sector will review the work of the previous events and discuss the solutions and a way forward that will help manage Irelands precious land resources to further support the delivery of social and affordable housing.
This in-person conference will take place in Tangent, Trinity College and runs from 8am to 2pm including lunch. The event is free to attend but you must register your attendance at the following link:
Land for Affordable Housing - Eventbrite Attendance Registration
Spaces are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.
More details on the agenda and panellists for this event will be released shortly.
More details on our event at ISHF Barcelona in June 2023 are available on our website here: The Ground Beneath Our Feet - public land use and delivery of affordable housing

The “Talking About Land” series is available to access here: “Talking about Land” series.