Public Lands (Beta)

The Register of Relevant Lands

The Register of Relevant Lands will be a public webmap showing all relevant public lands as per the LDA Act 2021. This map will be used to identify suitable publicly owned lands that could be better utilised by providing new affordable and sustainable housing. The Register will also allow for better management of the State’s Assets, support transparency, optimise land usage and assist in greater strategic planning and urban regeneration. This is the first ever public database of State-Owned land. The Register will be constantly updated, as new State-Owned sites will be added to the webmap on a quarterly basis to ensure all data is accurate and up to date.

The Register is currently being developed and will be available on the LDA website in Q4 2022, below we have shown a draft map of the Register. For more information on the Register and the information being shown, please contact [email protected].