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Project Description

Constructed in the 1950’s, St. Teresa’s Gardens was one of the largest public housing complexes built by Dublin City Council (DCC).

A development plan has been prepared which incorporates the St. Teresa’s Gardens Lands and the adjacent Player Wills and Bailey Gibson sites which are owned by Hines.  The preparation of a Framework represents a commitment to further the regeneration of the area, including its integration to the surrounding urban area by the various landowners.

The Framework Plan facilitates the redevelopment of the individual sites and the creation of an entirely new neighbourhood, capable of setting its own character, which will include the provision of a multi-sport playing pitch, community facilities and retail.  The lands provide a unique opportunity to transform the area into a new, welcoming, sustainable urban community with a distinctive identity which will be integrated into the Donore and wider Dublin 8 community.

The LDA, in partnership with DCC, propose to bring forward development plans for the subject site which extends to circa 1.8 hectares and is located adjacent to the Coombe Hospital, Donore Avenue and is approximately 2km from Dublin City Centre.

While the optimum residential unit mix and number and ancillary uses will be determined as part of the detailed design process, cognisant of planning policy requirements, a development of approximately 700 new build residential units with appropriate supporting amenities, to include retail and a creche, is proposed.

The LDA design approach will be inclusive and responsive to the local context and the opportunity that the site presents for a new distinct and integrated urban community.  The LDA will be providing a number of opportunities for public and community groups to get involved and provide feedback on the designs as they are developed up at key stages for the development of this landmark scheme.

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