The LDA Apartment Typology Booklet:

The purpose of this guide is to facilitate the efficient delivery of affordable homes. The importance of a well-designed apartment layouts, that prioritise the needs of the resident cannot be underestimated. Compliance with the various housing standards, daylight requirements, building regulation and efficiency requirements whilst important should not inhibit the design of functional and usable homes.


The LDA aims to intelligently utilise standardisation in design and construction to improve quality, reduce cost, increase certainty, and deliver consistency across LDA homes. This means all future LDA residents can expect the same level of quality and services across all LDA developments. With a focus on well-designed apartment layouts, carefully considered communal areas and cost- effective materials, we aim to build homes that are safe, easy to maintain and energy efficient.

All guidance, layouts and specifications provided have gone through a rigorous internal technical and cost review process, in addition to external peer review to ensure the optimum solution has been provided. These guidelines are not intended to curtail creativity of the design team or prescribe any particular architectural response, but to provide the design team with a clear brief that will form the basis on which design teams can develop a site-specific response. For a design to be considered successful it should achieve a coalescence of efficiency, quality and place-making.

- LDA Apartment Typology Booklet