Consultation & Stakeholder Engagement Guidance:

In progressing its plans and proposals, the LDA promotes a proactive and inclusive approach to community and stakeholder engagement, starting from the earliest stages in the planning and design process, through to construction and eventual occupation of a housing scheme. The LDA supports proportionate engagement processes, aiming to provide opportunities to hear the views of communities at key stages. The LDA believes that adopting this ethos will support improved design and planning outcomes, and ultimately the delivery of sustainable, inclusive developments that are well integrated with existing communities. The views of stakeholders vary and are diverse – the LDA is committed to finding resolutions that balance common concerns and reflect the wider public interest in a manner consistent with the goal to build sustainable, affordable / cost rental housing developments. The Agency adopts a tailored, project specific approach to each community and stakeholder engagement process it undertakes. The scale, scope and methods applied to undertake nonstatutory engagement varies according to specific requirements and conditions.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: A Public Guide

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