The Land Development Agency (LDA) is committed to the development of homes that enable healthy lives in connected, sustainable communities on State lands. Sustainable communities are measured in environmental, social and economic terms. Our Sustainable Development Strategy sets out a roadmap for the organisation to achieve its ambition of maximising the supply of affordable and social homes while mitigating environmental impacts and boosting biodiversity gains.

LDA Sustainable Development Strategy 2024-2028.PDF

We have identified six strategic objectives – with a near to medium term focus on mitigating carbon impact and focusing on the potential for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) across the LDA portfolio.

Collaboration and innovation are central to the success of this Strategy. The LDA has cultivated strong relationships with partners across a wide range of sectors – Government Departments and Agencies, Local Authorities, State bodies, third level institutions, home builders and industry peers – and will maximise these connections to deliver our sustainability ambitions.

The LDA recognises the need for high quality evidence-based data, and actively supports research on sustainability and the built environment. Current LDA supported research projects are focussing on biodiversity in the built environment, and post-occupancy building performance and tenant wellbeing.